The KOMBI base layers

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Perfect for high-performance sports. Stay dry even in the most intense conditions, thanks to our very own ACTIVE SPORT and RedHeat ACTIVE fabrics.

Activities: HIIT, hiking, running, alpine touring, etc.


Featuring MERINO BLEND, this is your go-to for winter adventures and popular hobbies, so you never get too hot or too cold.

Activities: Ski, snowboard, ice-skating, fat biking, snowshoeing, outdoor pursuits, etc.


Made for the most extreme temperatures, our RedHeat EXTREME and ethically-sourced 100% Merinos outwear will beat the elements no matter how cold it gets.

Activities: Ski, snowboard, snowmobiling or snow tubing on very cold days.


Introducing RedHeat Technology

What you need to know about this cutting-edge fabric

What you need to know about this cutting-edge fabric

KOMBI RedHeat stores and generates body heat while absorbing sweat at the same time, so you can enjoy outdoor activities no matter the weather.

Our exclusive micro-crystal technology and fabric offers quick dry, superior moisture management, odour absorption, UV and UVB protection, and much more to keep you comfortable throughout the season.



Carbon microcrystals absorb humidity in order to wick it away from your body.


Fabrics allow air to circulate so you never get too hot.


Naturally antibacterial yarn that helps control odours.

Winter just got better.

Winter just got better.