Introducing KOMBI
RedHEAT technology

Discover our temperature-regulating fabric featuring
our exclusive micro-crystal technology

Our latest MaeTrX RedHEAT™ technology is a temperature-regulating natural
fabric featuring micro-crystals that generate and store body heat.
It's incredibly soft, quick-drying to neutralize odours and provides
50+ UVA and UVB solar protection. Available in our liners, toques and
base layers - there isn't much it can't do.

Quick Dry

Carbon microcrystals absorb humidity in order to wick it away from your body.


Fabrics allow air to circulate so you never get too hot.


Naturally antibacterial yarn that helps control odours.

The power of RedHEAT

What makes it so great

Our MaeTrX RedHEAT™ fabric stores and generates body heat while simultaneously absorbing sweat, so you can enjoy outdoor activities no matter the intensity or weather.

Our proprietary KOMBI MaeTrX RedHEAT™ fabric incorporates naturally-sourced carbon microcrystals.Thanks to this yarn-based technology, our garments retain their effectiveness compared to fabrics that use technical chemicals.


Discover RedHEAT weights


Made for the most high-intensity activities and winter sports when you need to stay comfortably dry.

Activities: cross-country skiing, winter running, alpine touring

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A go-to for all moderate activities and winter sports. Naturally antimicrobial, warm and soft on the skin.

Activities: skiing, snowshoeing, playing outside

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Designed to provide the ultimate comfort to withstand intensely cold weather.

Activities: skiing or walking in very cold conditions, living in freezing climates

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RedHEAT available in all categories

Discover RedHEAT through a range of hats, gloves and more.

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Winter just got better.

Winter just got better.